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Slide Get Your Digital Check-Up Score Realize your digital HR competence and identify your "Digital Development" scope as “Today”. HR Analytical Consulting Start your HR Analytics journey by using your company data and make your data more meaningful right now. New Generation HR Reporting Start reporting “Next Generation” on a global scale HR reporting today. Design reports such as ROI calculation, Retention Rate, AWL with different types of chart. BI Consulting & Mobile Reports Get mobile-ready reports ready in a day with Microsoft Power BI. Create instant "alerts" for managers and all employees. HR Metrics and Reporting Techniques Interpret your Metrics, KPI and Reporting Concepts exclusively. Quickly get monthly, quarterly, annual or even 5-year report sets. Learn about "HR Insight" Get information about the only People Analytics solution on the market ❛HR Insight❜. Find custom answers to your specific questions such as which of your employees 'time to leave' and 'how to' perform while the hiring stage.

Let us make your data come true You can share your opinions, suggestions and impressions about the projects you attend or want to be held in the future. +90 216 455 0 800 info@bncturkey.com Denge Panorama Rz. No:5-9 Ataşehir, İstanbul - TR View Map CONTACT arrow_upward
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